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Log On and Password Feature

Each User Name, Password and Token is unique to the specific individual. The system of a personalised user name helps restrict access to HSBCnet. To benefit fully from this protection, you must ensure that your User Name(s) and Password(s) are kept secure and secret at all times.

Log On Attempts

For added security, we protect your HSBCnet access by tracking the number of log on attempts. After a number of incorrect password attempts, we will immediately disable the access. You will then need to contact HSBC to re-establish access.

Security Device

HSBC is committed to safeguarding your sensitive financial information. We have introduced a Security Device, needed to access HSBC online session. Each Security Device generates a series of single-use Security Codes unique to the user's account. By using these Security Codes together with your Username and Password, your online security is increased.

Secured Sessions

Your HSBC online session is protected in a "secured" environment through Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL technology is used within your session to encrypt your personal information before it leaves your computer to help ensure no one else can read it. Depending on your browser setting, a pop-up window will appear to notify you that you will be entering a secured page. You will know when you are on a secured HSBC page when you see the "https://" before the web address. A padlock symbol in the lower right hand corner of your browser window will also be present. A closed padlock indicates that your HSBC online session is in a "secured" environment.

Session Time-out

For your protection, HSBC includes a Session Time-out feature for your online banking session. If your Internet banking session remains idle for a given time, your session is ended automatically. This is done to help protect your accounts from unauthorised access if your PC is left unattended or you have not logged-off your Internet banking session.

Secure Email

To protect any private information you may send to us via email, use a secure email feature in Internet Banking so that your correspondence and your information remains between you and HSBC.

Important Note: If your Internet Banking password has been compromised, please change it immediately or contact - Customer Support.

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